Spring assemblies are available in various forms in the market today. Torsion springs, compression springs, coil springs, extension springs, garter springs, antenna springs, assembly springs and other specialty springs are found widely everywhere. Wire Products Company offers spring assemblies in different forms using latest technology procedures for numerous applications. Military equipment, construction and heavy machinery components, commercial appliances and electronic products use our spring assemblies.

Compression springs are available in simple helical, conical, hour glass and barrel forms with constant and variable pitches. These springs are known for their high resistance against pressure and stress. Important criteria to be noted during the manufacture of compression springs for heavy equipment industries are pitch, number of coils and material used. Our compression spring assemblies offer armor-like protection and withstand the force due to extreme added weights. Compression springs are very commonly used in cell phones, torches and sensitive instruments that require high resistance.

Torsion spring assemblies are available as single-bodied and double-bodied torsion springs. Wire Products Company manufactures and assemble torsion springs with different ends according to your specifications. Torsion springs find their applications in amusement, interactive and entertainment products like gaming devices, video display machines, clock pieces, electromechanical assemblies, door locks and trap doors. In the automotive industry torsion springs are used in gear shifters and clutches. Exercise machines, food processors, musical instruments and military equipment make use of torsion springs to a greater extent.

Extension springs are coiled under tension and are extendable when pulled with the required effort/force. They are available with different kinds of ends and loops and are widely used in devices where parts need to be held under tension. Construction equipment, high power tools, automotive parts (two wheelers, three wheelers, and race cars), home appliances, storage and shelving products, and some hospital machinery use extension springs widely.

Wire Products Company’s superior quality springs offer close tolerances and longer spring life. External hose protection and internal hose support are offered through round and flat springs. Aerospace and defense industries use our critical spring assemblies for landing gear and braking systems. Wire Products Company offers custom packaging and bar-coding to ensure that your assemblies reach safely without any damage.

Type of Material 1008 Low Carbon Steel
1018 Low Carbon Steel
1038 Low Carbon Steel
1050 – 1095 High Carbon Steel
17-7PH Stainless Steel
302 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
400 Series Stainless Steel
Beryllium Copper
Chrome Silicon
Chrome Vanadium
Hard Drawn Carbon Material
High Nickel
Music Wire
Oil Tempered Wire
Phosphor Bronze
Width .125 to 3.31 in
3.175 to 84.5 mm
Diameter .005 to .500 in
.127 to 12.7 mm
Thickness .010 to .093 in
.254 to 2.36 mm
Length up to 25 ft
Wire Size .005 to .312 in
.127 to 7.92 mm
Types Compression
Support Services Color Code / Special
EDI & Bar Coding Capabilities
JIT Delivery
Long Term Purchasing / Inventory Commitment
Technical Assistance in Product & Tool Design
Secondary Equipment Air Benders and Presses
Belt Sanders
Custom-built Assembly Machines
Hand Grinders
Heat Treating
Kick Presses
Power Benders
Production Tapping
Stress Relieve
Vibratory Assemblers
Acceptable File Formats Acroabt PDF
CATIA v4(3D)
ParaSolid (3D)
5 CNC Wire Forming Machines .5 mm to 12 mm wire (.020″ to .472″)
44 Punch Presses Up to 150 ton capacity
9 Multi-Slide Machines Material sizes of .010” to .093” thick and 1/8” to 3-5/16” wide (.254 to 2.36mm thick and 3.175 to 84.5mm wide)
20 Four-Slide Machines Wire diameters from .005” to .500” (.127 to 12.7mm)
Production Welders MIG Welding
Resistance Welding
Robotic Cells
TIG Welding
32 Spring Coiler Machines Capable of coiling up to 25′
Wire size .003” to .312” (.076 to 7.92mm)
4 Torsion Coiling Machines Diameters from .010” to .211” (.254 to 5.359mm)
Inspection Equipment Hardness Testing
Optical Comparators
Spring Strength Analysis
Surface Finish Testing
Tensile Testing
14 Grinding Machines 14” to 30” Grinders
Automatic Feed Tables
Deburring and Grit Blasting
Wire size .010” to .312”
3 Straighten & Cut Machines Wire sizes from .010” to .250” (.254 to 6.35mm)
Certification  AS 9100 D / ISO 9001:2015

Specialty Springs Protect Hoses Inside and Out

Our coiled external hose protectors offer armor-like protection against abrasion, and our internal hose supports prevent the collapse of the hose in a vacuum application. Hose guards are made from round or flat materials (usually galvanized pre-finished, stainless steel, or beryllium-copper), in lengths up to 25′. Applications range from external guarding of an aircraft fuel line to the internal support of a naval vessel’s vacuum line.

Our Commitment to Quality and Service

Wire Products Company offers production in short, medium and long runs – with no minimum quantities. We can color-code or provide special packaging as required, and we can also stock finished products for long-term purchasing/inventory commitments. Wire Products Company has bar coding services available and is also EDI compatible.

The involvement of our engineering department in design verification, assisted by our prototype department, ensures every customer’s specification is met. Our ability to use Statistical Process Control throughout production, electronic sorters for quality assurance, and thorough quality control testing procedures means products will meet your tolerance and performance requirements.

Finished Goods and Streamlined Manufacturing

By outsourcing your assembly needs to Wire Products Company, you can eliminate multiple suppliers and let us fabricate and inventory your components in a “JIT” manner to reduce your overall costs of production.

Reduced Handling and Storage

Wire Products Company offers custom packaging and bar-coding to ensure your assemblies reach their final destination and are ready for use.